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Tips & tricks

Post  Misterrshifty on Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:47 pm

So rather than posting on my phone, which can be excruciatingly slow I'll just post these things here.

Getting HP
There are a few ways of getting HP, some are easier than others but here they are.

1. The obvious, buy mobacoins and card packs. I am against this, I haven't spend any money on this game and don't intend to, but to each his own.

2. It is quite a bit more difficult now that we have the bazaar rather than the free trading, but flipping cards used to be a good method. That is to say, buy cheap and sell high. It is difficult to do this now, you are probably looking at maybe a 1HP turnaround a day because of tickets.

3. Probably the most consistent way, and will take some time and effort but is probably your best bet, is to buy unenhanced cards, max them out then turn and sell them for base + 4/5 HP (or less if you want to guarantee you get a quick sale on it but that is a slippery slope).

4. If you have other internet capable devices around, create accounts on them, and feed HP to your main. This requires a lot of time and work, and only for a limited amount of reward.

5. If you can find somebody that DOES spend money on the game (and thus has a surplus of HP), providing a "feeder" service to them. Providing them with 9 (at a time) skilled or unskilled as they desire HN cards, typically for 1HP a go. If they have a massive demand you can make HP pretty quickly since you won't be limited to trades a day after the 2 week period after fellowing them. However it can be tough to find such a person that doesn't already have such an arrangement.

6. And the one I am banking on the most, is to have an order that does well consistently in events and HW's and get HP and good reward cards that you can either use yourself or sell for quite a profit.


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Re: Tips & tricks

Post  chrisvg4 on Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:31 pm

Thanks for the tips!


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